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So you need to create parking permits. This is a great way to control any parking issues you have, while also adding another element to your branding and marketing mix for visibility.

Whether it’s temporary permits, hang tags, or ones to affix to a windshield, there are different considerations when deciding which format to go with. But before you just add a generic marketing piece to your print materials, think through how you would like to present your company through the use of permits.

Choosing a permit style

There are several temporary and permanent solutions to designing parking permits. Consider why you are needing to permit your parking before you begin designing. Do you need to differentiate staff and employees from visitors, keep unwanted vehicles from parking on your lot, or be able to easily revoke access to your parking lot? These are all considerations to take into account when deciding even the simplest of decisions in creating your permits.

Hang tags: Easy to distribute and display, larger product size for more text and instructions, easy to view for your parking staff, less expensive than other solutions

Windshield tags: Long-term solution for parking access, smaller with less obstructed view for driving, less chance for branding opportunities

Parking stickers: Displayed in sticker format on the exterior of a car for easy visibility, usually come with an expiration date, more permanent than other permit styles

Anchor Graphics has flexibility to create highly-visible permits for your situation, using materials that can withstand heat and cold, won’t fade, peel or crack and made with your choice of materials including reflective or holographic options. Keep reading to decide which style of permit is right for you.

Key considerations


Think about what purpose you would like your permit to serve when determining style of permit, because location to affix the permit on their car will come into consideration. Hang tags are ultimately the most visible no matter where the car is parked, but they also can be more easily damaged or misplaced.

Parking layout

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, think about the actual space where these permits will be utilized. Is it a parking structure situation? Will there will be parallel parking, or will some who are issued permits be backing into spaces?


Another factor that some do not think of is the weather. If you are in a rainy area, you may want to consider a permit on the interior of the vehicle, that will not degrade or easily detach from the exterior of a car. But also, interior permits must stand up to extreme temperatures, sunlight and fading and humidity and condensation for long-term display.

Designing your permit

Don’t think of this as just another throw-away item. If you are wishing to use the permit as another branding opportunity for your business, think smartly about your design and permit style. Go to your company’s marketing department, or consult the branding guide for colors to use (another great way to differentiate between permit types - use your different brand colors!) Incorporate your logo if there is reasonable space to display it properly.

Are there specific instructions you need to include, such as a map to the parking area, locations where the permit is accepted, hours that the parking lot is open, or pricing structure? These are all factors to consider in the design. If additional instructions are needed on your parking permit, a hang tag where the opposite face provides information is likely the way to go for you.

For the side facing out of the vehicle, make sure that any necessary information (permit number, permit type, etc.) is easily visible from a distance. Your security team will thank you.

Our department would be more than happy to consult with you regarding your permit needs. Check out our Custom Design Lab or contact us for a quote today.

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