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Labeling Out of the Office

Are you products intended to be used out of a traditional office environment? We offer labels intended for usage in outdoor or in harsh indoor environments and are notable for their strength and powerfully visual. Durability is the ultimate objective here because your labels are constantly exposed to the elements. All the while, the branding and awareness they create for all businesses are so influential.

We can print standard and custom waterproof labels in a wide range of sizes and styles for a wide range of purposes. Read on to find out how to meet your needs with a label custom-made for a specific application. We offer laminating, double-sided labels, various materials, and permanent adhesive backing.

A Primer on Outdoor Labels

How To Use Outdoor Labels

You can use inkjet printed outdoor labels for almost any promotional or informational purpose that a business, school, church, or civic organization might need. Some options for your durable outdoor labels include:

  • Branding, Promotional Items & Give-Always
  • Membership Organizations & Neighborhood Association Items
  • Parking Decals – Schools and Organizations
  • Auto Racing, Automobile Repairs & Services
  • Boating Decals, Fishing Rod and Lure Branding
  • Hidden Watermark Ink Seals

A label that can hold up to any weather conditions is valuable in more cases than many customers realize. A sticker is a kind of label too. We can print them for packaging, metal surfaces, and plastics.

Types of Outdoor Labels

Outdoor Waterproof Labels

Homeowners and business owners might like to label a huge range of objects and materials with durable vinyl labels.

  • Hard Hat Decals and Construction Labels
  • Security Decals and Labels, Tamperproof Labels
  • Equipment & Safety Decals, Warning Labels
  • Waterproof Labels and Decals, Window Decals and Labels
  • Bumper Stickers and Motivation Stickers.
  • Die-Cut Graphics, Screen Printed, Thermal Printed Graphics

One thing all outdoor labels have in common is durability provided by weatherproof label materials. Constant exposure to the elements demands weatherproof labels suitable for harsh environments. We make both opaque and transparent polyester labels, too, with permanent adhesive backing being standard.

Other Weatherproof Labels

Tough materials backed by a permanent adhesive are the key to durability. Vinyl outdoor labels are for glass, plastic, metal, and many other surfaces, which opens up more labeling possibilities. Durable, high-quality labels are great for marking all kinds of objects and equipment:

  • Powered equipment, like riding mowers and generators
  • Boats, RVs, motorhomes, buses, and trailers
  • Cranes and other construction equipment
  • Windows and glass doors
  • Safety instructions or rules at playgrounds
  • Outdoor industrial equipment like generators and pumps
  • Fences around nurseries and gardens

Whatever you need to label, we can create labels made for outdoor use. With Anchor Graphics, great quality is 100% guaranteed. Custom shapes and sizes are available too. If you need your labels customized, contact us to discuss what you need.

We use durable, weatherproof label material to create a reflective or nonreflective peel-and-stick label. They are ideal for a variety of applications and surfaces. We do this with a combination of plastic or vinyl, adhesive, and printing options.

  • Removable, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Permanent, or Static Cling Adhesives
  • Vinyl, Polyester, Reflective Options
  • Lamination for Additional Promotion and Durability.
  • Single and Double Sided Printing Options
  • Paper Labels with Lamination

While permanent adhesive styles are common, we offer removable options for a variety of applications, as well as tough vinyl or plastic with strong, permanent adhesives formulated to survive the weather provide the durability you need for outdoor applications. 

If you need extra toughness and long life, opt for a laminated set. If you need to ensure your label is visible in the dark, order a reflective label design. With so many printing options, we are confident we can supply just what you need.

Our Services for Custom Outdoor & Weatherproof Labels

No matter what kind of weatherproof label you need or how many you need, we invite you to contact us today for a quote.

There are no minimum orders with our company, so you can purchase as many label rolls or sheets as you need. With our laser printers and thermal transfer technology, we can offer over 3,000 combinations of size, shape, and material, so labels custom-tailored to your needs are certainly available.

If you need custom weatherproof designs, we have the materials and printing capabilities to meet almost any need at a reasonable cost. We are happy to answer questions about artwork, logos, tailored design requirements, and so on.

We offer rolls or sheets in popular sizes of custom label sizes and shapes. All outdoor designs we create will be printed on weatherproof stock backed with a waterproof adhesive to ensure long-term durability in outdoor use. We also offer label sheets that you can use with your inkjet printer, laser printer, or thermal printer.