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No matter what kind of products you produce, you’ll likely need some sort of label stating what the product is. From baked goods with ingredient lists to electronics, labeling items properly is crucial to many businesses.

We at Anchor Graphics can work with you to create the perfect custom labels for your products. Labels are crucial to help consumers identify your product properly, but they should also be eye-catching and market your product properly to help increase sales. After all, it is estimated that 70 percent of the decision making process comes down to the label.

We provide labels for products of all sorts of consumer goods, including:

Food packaging use

Dressings, Oils, Vinegar & Sauce Bottles

Jelly, Salsa, Honey & Nut Butter Jars

Spirit, Wine & Beer Bottles

Water Bottles

Ingredient Listing & Nutrition Information

Barcode Labels for Sales & Internal Control


Single Coupon Redemptions & Promotional Items

Once you’ve received your labels, then it’s time to get them affixed! Follow these tips for expert label application so that your products can look as good on the outside as they are on the inside!

Clean the Surface Properly

The smallest bit of dust on the surface can completely wreck the presentation. Make sure you’ve properly cleaned the surface for the best stick.

Stay on the Edge

By limiting the amount you touch the adhesive (especially with clear labels), you reduce the skin oil and fingerprint transfer, not to mention adhesive on your skin.


We’ve all done it - you sneezed during application and suddenly your label is cattywampus on your product. If you’ve got vinyl or polyester labels, never fear. You can simply run a damp sponge on the label and shift it around a little, then use a scraper to wipe out the excess bubbles. Voila! (NOTE: this is NOT for paper labels!)

Watch the Temp

If it’s winter? Regular adhesive labels don’t like temperatures below 50 degrees F and may lift or peel as a result. We do have labels that are not cold sensitive, if you are labeling products that need to stay cold.

Give your Labels Time

Adhesives can take between 24-48 hours to fully affix. After application, give your products a day or two to ensure that the labels don’t shift.

Our product label service is stellar for many reasons. We offer both designs: roll labels, and cut-to-size. The labels are available in different shapes and sizes with self-adhesive material, making them stackable to any surface. The material we choose can withstand water, oil, and other external factors, maintaining the label’s cleanliness. The offerings come with durable adhesive material, which makes them applicable for both indoor and outdoor use. All of these factors, along with the use of completely customizable coloring, makes our label service the one you should choose.

Anchor Graphics is one of the oldest and most recognized label, tag, sticker and decal makers in Texas. We serve all industries, especially the Property Management, Towing, Septic or Port-A-John, Cellular or Wireless industry. Need help with any of your design needs? Call or email us now at 1-800-875-7859 or lesliegoolsby@anchorgraphics.com.

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