Custom Digital Labels / Stickers

A True Concept in Action

Digital labels are fast becoming the new standard, thanks to the great flexibility you get with digital printing. Digital label printing rivals the quality of the best conventional printers while also allowing customers to get labels in a wide range of styles and sizes. Conventional printing takes time to set up and set up again to make changes.

The printing process makes it super easy to create runs of dozens or hundreds of thousands of labels or labels in multiple versions. For example, if you want labels in various languages or if you want to label multiple lengths or sizes of one product, digital labels are a great choice.

High-Definition Digital

While labels are tangible goods, and digital seems soft, the term relates to the printing method. The HD Digital printing method is making them even more accessible to the public. Volume has played a role of less accessibility and royalty in the printing world.

Volume’s reign is still here to stay, yet there are more options. Digital printing technology makes it cheaper and easier to create label designs with many variations in images or colors or different ID numbers and serial numbers. Variable printing on old technology is impossible or close to it.

How To Use Digital Labels

Product manufacturers have embraced digitally-printed labels because of the reduced cost and high quality. Digital labels are a viable option for just about any purpose in retail, industry, or institutional use.

  • Food Packaging & Nutrition Labeling
  • Wine, Spirits & Beverage Products
  • Beauty, Cosmetics & Skin Care Lines
  • Medical Products, Medical Warnings
  • Tobacco-Related Products, CBD Oils
  • City, School & University Parking Permits

Exceptional print quality is achievable at a cost-competitive with other print methods and a lower cost on low-volume label orders. Our printing technology offers quality equal to or higher than lithographic printing. You don’t have to sacrifice when it comes to label material or ink either.

Popular Digital Labels Materials & More

We know our customers still have diverse needs regarding materials, colors, and the physical printing of labels. Digital printing on our HP Indigo printers can print on various materials, at least as well as offset printing. Here are some of your printing options:

  • Semi-Gloss Paper
  • Polypropylene Film Materials
  • Multitude of Colors Without Additional Cost
  • UV Varnish For More Shine
  • Spot White Ink for Opacity
  • Variable Data Printing Efficiencies
  • Cost Effective Short Runs
  • Die-Cut or Sheet Label Availability

Digital presses enable shorter runs to be done more economically because the designs reside in our printing software. This fact also means we can print several versions of a label design with ease. Unlike mechanical printing, complex order, such as ten combinations of label color and text, are easy to manage with digital technology.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can talk about your label printing needs.

Printing FAQs

New technology is taking over, offering digital label printing capabilities that outdo old mechanical printing. The old printing technology of plates and cylinders, the days of flexographic printing, are numbered. 

Digital printing now offers a faster and cheaper way to print labels in any volume. Our digital printing process is still a four-color process with multiple spot colors for custom labels with vibrant colors.

Digital HD printing also makes it easy to print different versions of a label. For example, labels printed in English and Spanish are easier to make. We can change colors or graphics from one printed piece to another if needed by working from a database. We can even change each label to print consecutive numbers.

We use HP Indigo presses to create rolls of labels and custom labels at low cost and with high speed in a wide variety of shapes with the fastest turnaround possible. We can print small quantities of any label design at a reasonable price too!