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bottle labels

Whether you are launching a skincare line or a healthy beverage, it's critical to instantly find product packaging that establishes your brand image. Whether your product caters to students, professionals, or retired individuals, it's vital that your packaging connects to your target audience right off the bat.

With so many new products hitting the market consistently, mix-ups and misplacement have also become a part of the picture. Whether a competitor has the same color scheme as your product or a completely different company bears a similar shape to your bottles, you need a surefire way to have your product stand apart from other offerings.

That's where custom labels for bottles come in.

With their unique design, distinct outlook, and sturdy material, these custom labels can ensure that your bottles boast of your branding even in crowded shelves and shared spaces.

While choosing a custom label for your brand may seem a bit tricky at first, it is not at all challenging when you know what to do.

To help you find your perfect custom label for bottles, here's a lowdown on how to breeze through the process.

Be Mindful of Your Bottle's Shape for Quality Printed Results

One of the first steps of the process relates to your bottle's shape. This particular approach lets you select a label design that suits the bottle’s structure and helps you choose a label size that goes in line with the bottle's measurements.

For instance, if your bottle follows a conventional design, such as a Bordeaux bottle, you may need a custom label covering most of the bottle except for its neck. On the other hand, if your bottle has a more modern style, such as bullet design, you may only need a label covering a small portion of the bottle.

Take Your Bottle's Measurements for Stickers and Labels

Once you have selected a bottle design, it will be time to take measurements of your bottle. This helps you choose a label size that fits your bottle without any issues. It also lets you determine what type of costs will be associated with printing your custom label for bottles.

This step needs to be followed with a precise approach and requires you to pay attention to its accuracy. Keeping this in mind, make sure you are taking the bottle's measurements with the utmost care. For best results, you should inquire about the bottle's dimensions from the manufacturer itself.

Decide What Type of Label Size You Need

This is where your knowledge and decision about the bottle's shape play their role. While you can follow established practices regarding a label's size concerning a specific bottle's shape, it is not always necessary. You can easily choose a smaller label for a bottle that would otherwise have a larger label and vice versa.

This particular step mainly relates to your branding and the information you need to place on your label. In many cases, you may need to adhere to regulations about placing certain information on the label. That is why you should make a decision depending upon the type of product you are selling.

Choose a Color Scheme To Provide Wonderful Stickers

Even when you have created your branding visuals to use across multiple media, you will still need to make certain design decisions for your labels. One of the biggest factors relates to choosing the background color of your label on which your branding will rest for everyone else to see.

Other aspects such as borders and font colors also play a big part, where these factors typically relate to your branding design. By mixing and matching different color schemes, you can determine the best course of action that brings your brand to life through your bottle label.

Determine the Need for Extended Content

Depending upon your industry, you may need to tap into extended content labels (ECLs). As their name suggests, these specialized labels stand apart from conventional labels due to their ability to expand into double or triple their surface size. This is possible due to their multi-ply design, which comes in a resealable format for bottles.

ECLs are especially relevant if you are marketing a beauty product or a medication that may need additional information to your customers for legal or service reasons. If this distinction applies to your industry, you should look into these custom printed labels.

Find The Right Material For Your Packaging

Even when packaged in the same bottle, many products do not hold the same ingredients or use cases. Some bottles sit on the kitchen shelf for weeks between their single-use, while others are used daily and even twice a day on the bathroom counter. These rules also affect your bottle's label or labels and its performance.

For instance, if you are distributing a food product, you can safely use paper labels that don't need special protection from water exposure. But if your bottle holds a skincare product such as a facial wash that will constantly interact with moisture, you will need a waterproof material for the label.

Of course, these aspects broadly apply to your stickers for your products as well. You want to ensure that your stickers do not roll right off when contacting your customers.

Choose The Best Value For Printing

Once you have gone through the selection, design, and content creation process, you will be ready to print your custom labels and use them on your bottles. To save the cost of special printing equipment and material, you can reach out to a vendor specializing in printing custom labels for bottles. 

This step requires you to factor in the starting costs and long-term printing custom labels for your ongoing product distribution. By making precise calculations, you can cut back your initial investment while also ensuring consistent production for your labels in the future. 

At Anchor Graphics, you can choose from various custom labels for bottles that also come in a slew of styles and materials. Whether your aesthetic leans towards eclectic expression or specific design, you can create a label that fits right into your brand image. 

To see how our labels and stickers solutions can help with your product rollout, don't hesitate to contact us for a free stickers or labels consultation today. We will be glad to hear from you and guide you through the design and printing process without delay. 

Our representatives ensure excellent quality service for your printed jobs in Pilot Point, Texas. They ensure that your company project, packaging, stickers, labels, and other menu items are up to par. Find out how our printed solutions can work for companies, art, and materials today.

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