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packaging labels

When it comes to your products and the packaging on them, you must have high-quality custom labels made for your company. The labels, including the words and images on them, tell your customers several important things about the product you are offering. 

It is crucial for your business's longevity that your customers associate quality and satisfaction with your company and your products. That means that your custom labels should be designed with your company in mind and printed on the highest quality materials.

1. Use a Professional Designer for Your Label

Designing a custom label for a new product and then using digital printing on that design should not be done by an amateur. Your company and your brand depend on the design and printing of the label, so you must get high-quality work. 

Your custom label for your packaging and the digital printing of that label requires a professional's experience and expertise to ensure it is done correctly and efficiently. A professional will also have ideas about making your product stand out from the competition and catch the eye of your customers.

2. Research the Labels of Your Competitors

While you may be completely engrossed in your own company and all of the things that go into producing your items, you should also take some time to research your competition. What kinds of labels are your competitors using on their packaging? How can you distinguish yourself from them? 

You already know that a professionally designed and printed label will help you establish yourself as an expert in the business, but how can you stand out from others with great packaging and labels? People enjoy a unique and fun product label, so it is your job to provide them with the labels on the packaging they are looking for.

3. Be Sure Your Label Represents Your Company

Because your company likely already has a distinctive brand that you have ensured is consistent throughout all of your promotional and marketing materials, you should certainly make sure that the design of each label you create carries that brand as well. If you are already using a certain font for your logo or other marketing items, it should be on the label as well. 

Certain color schemes, font decisions, distinctive patterns, and any other design elements (even a photo) representing your company should be present on the label. Printing a randomly designed label will not increase brand awareness and may cause consumers to ignore the product because it is not the brand they already know and enjoy.


4. Focus on Digital Printing Quality

The design of your label, as we have seen, is quite important, but the exceptional view on a screen needs to be replicated in the printed version. If the printing causes the label to be blurred or some other visual aspect that you worked so diligently to create to be distorted, you may lose the full intended effect of the label. 

Digital printing is just as important as the designing process; the two must work together to ensure that the vision is made a reality for your packaging labels. Hiring a professional printing company to provide you digital printing service you need is integral. Color, materials, fonts, and everything else involved in the printing process should be considered.

5. Choose the Right Label Stock and Coating for Printing

Part of the printing process involving design elements is the type of label stock and coating for your labels. You can choose between paper and vinyl (the two most common and popular) stock for the labels to be printed on, and as far as pricing is concerned, the paper will be cheaper. Paper is not waterproof, though, so you may not want to consider pricing increases if you have a product that will be exposed to condensation. The vinyl will be your safer choice for your label orders.

Coating options include matte, gloss, and high gloss, depending on the overall effect and finish you want your product to have on the consumer when they look at it. Matte is perfect for the rustic feeling, and gloss provides a more expensive look to the product (though the pricing may not reflect that). High gloss is great for indoor or outdoor since it is highly reflective and UV-resistant.

6. Get Free Online Proofs

When you are in searching through the options for an online printing company for your labels, be sure the company you choose offering free proofs of your labels in addition to the stock, coating, and customization options you require. You want this process to be as smooth and easy as possible and free from issues, so you must be able to review the proofs online to finish the process before the printing service for your orders commences.

7. Customer Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

One of the most critical parts of investing in the great labels for your packaging (or any other aspect of your business) is that your satisfaction as the client of the printing company is a priority. When you call, email, or contact the printing company, you should feel valued as a client when you talk to the business. If not, contact another printing company that will put your needs and your labels first.

Call Our Printing Company for Your Labels

At Anchor Graphics, we have provided label printing services for companies for over 40 years. If you are looking to have labels printed for your packaging or have questions about printing your labels, call Anchor Graphics for a free estimate and discuss your options and needs. Our team is flexible and helpful with designing labels and talking about your printing options. Call or email us for more information about the best printing and to get answers to all of your questions.

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