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For most businesses that offer products to their customers, product labels are an integral part of the company. The label lets your customer know what they are buying and reminds them where they purchased the item and what company to return to when they need more products.

Because of the importance of a product label, most businesses will choose to invest in high-quality professional labeling from a company they can trust. Whether it is the printing on the label or the adhesive used or any other important aspect of the label, companies have been choosing Anchor Graphics for all of their product label needs for more than 40 years.

What Are Product Labels?

A product label is simply the identifying adhesive paper attached to a product’s packaging, which details what the product is and other pertinent information such as the brand, manufacturer, or distributor. 

They are most often made from paper but can also be made from different materials such as foil, fabric, latex, and plastic as long as those surfaces can be written or printed. They can be manufactured with various textures and finishes and can even be waterproof, if necessary.

Origins of Product Labels

The labeling process has been in existence since the 18th century, when custom-printed labels were made for medicine containers and wine bottles. This labeling process was very time-consuming because the labels were printed on handmade paper, and the labeling itself was done by hand. 

Since self-adhesive had not yet been invented (not until 1935), each paper label was glued by hand for the customer. The materials were expensive, and not many companies were able to afford the label service pricing. However, the paper machine’s inventions and the principle of lithography in 1789 changed the labeling service.

Throughout the mid-19th century, the labeling process was continually improved, and companies could afford a custom label. Even a color label became more widely available when color printing was enhanced so that each label no longer had to be painted by hand. This was important because color labels helped catch the customer’s attention and sell the product more easily.

During the 20th century, self-adhesives were invented and continually improved to be produced on a mass scale and adhered to other materials like wood and glass. A label in today’s retail service industry has come a long way and can incorporate much information, including bar codes.

Printing Custom Labels in 2021

Designing and printing a label for your product in 2021 is certainly not as difficult or expensive (though not free, of course) as it used to be. When your company needs a new label or a re-run of an existing one, we at Anchor Graphics can help. Our printing service has a fast turnaround time, affordable pricing, and guaranteed customer satisfaction for your business.

Hot Stamped & Embossed Labels

When we use our high-quality hot stamp and embossed custom labels at our custom printing shop, you will be getting paper-based labels for product packaging and promotion printed with metallic, opaque pigment holographic hot stamp foils. The vinyl and clear substrates are great for cosmetic and prime labels, and the over-laminated labels are perfect for durable application. 

Full-Color Flexographic Labels

If you opt for the flexographic labels, you will receive the highest quality, four-color process labels with UV varnish at no extra cost. Anchor Graphics can handle up to 6 color printing to complement the process image. The film substrates are perfect for bottles and prime label applications. 

Our flexographic labels work well for cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceutical applications, audio/video/software applications, and promotional or direct marketing applications. Anchor Graphics makes high-quality custom labels for laser and thermal transfer printers.

Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Labels

Our printed label shells for thermal transfer printers will work with up to 8 colors, and Anchor Graphics also has color-tinted labels and a large selection of blank labels. The consecutive bar codes, serial numbers, part numbers, and other information which changes from label to label can also be incorporated.

Electronic and Communication Labels

Your business needs to have the proper types of labels for your electronics and another communication packaging. These include asset tags, cellular decals, identification labels, and security labels. We offer barcode and consecutive numbering, metalized matte silver polyester, white polyester, and security silver “VOID” polyester. Our permanent adhesive labels are easy to apply, and we also have special harsh environment laminate available for the label you choose.

Custom Outdoor Labels

When you sell an outdoor label, it needs to be able to withstand harsh conditions. Ours are weatherproof and UV durable. The Ultra-Tac decals offer a higher initial tack and stronger bond, and over-lamination protects the label against abrasion, some solvents, oil, gas, and some acids. And our aggressive adhesive has been formulated to adhere permanently, even to slightly rough or blemished materials.

Contact Us For Custom Labels

If you have a business and need a label for your product, contact your local printing service provider at Anchor Graphics. We have been offering printing services with affordable pricing for over 40 years, and our team is dedicated to making a label for your product that you will be proud to display.

Call us today for more information on how our label printing systems work, our print quality, and why shopping local for your printing service is the best bet for your business. Be sure to ask about our other print services as well, such as business cards, brochures, and food menus.

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