a little something about us.

We have built our reputation and success around our high quality and exceptional customer service levels

We are the best at producing high quality labels and printing services at globally fair prices. At Anchor Graphics, we:

  • Create lifelong customers by delivering exceptional customer service
  • Produce perfect quality labels with on time delivery—every time
  • Deliver outstanding overall value to meet each customer’s individual needs
  • Hire only the “best of the best” staff to serve our global customers with integrity
  • Continue to use only the finest materials available as we strive to keep our prices at or below that of our competitors, ensuring customers to think of us as their first choice for labels

Print what other printers won’t create: alluring, challenging products.

Our Mission

We exist to create exceptional value in the lives of our customers and associates. We accomplish this by satisfying every customer’s need ceaselessly and unfailingly. We also invest in fulfilling our associates’ personal and career driven goals through the encouraging environment we create. By doing so, we can provide customers with personal, intimate service.

We believe to give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money—and that is sincerity and integrity.

Why a white tiger?

We chose the White Tiger to represent Anchor Graphics, because, like this tiger, we are a very rare “breed” in the business jungle of labeling and printing solutions.  There are a few documented cases of white tigers being found in the wild, and a business like Anchor Graphics is just as scarce and unique.

Our family here at Anchor demonstrates the traits of a tiger as well –bold, friendly, ingenious and eager to take on a challenge – while focusing on customer solutions.   Our mission is to leverage our labeling knowledge along with your business needs to provide not only an excellent product, but a great customer experience as well.

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