Treating each customer with respect has made us the leader in printing

Our Mission

Sincerity and Integrity.

  • Build lasting relationships with our customers through exceptional customer service
  • Produce the best quality labels on time – every time
  • Deliver value specific to each customers needs
  • Ensure our staff has the most relevant up to date industry knowledge, skills and experience
  • Provide the best materials for the job, beat the competition on price for the exact same product and deliver high end service.

Why a white tiger?

White Tiger

We chose the White Tiger to represent Anchor Graphics, because, like this tiger, we are a very rare “breed” in the business jungle of labeling and printing solutions. 

There are a few documented cases of white tigers being found in the wild, and a business like Anchor Graphics is just as scarce and unique.

Our family here at Anchor demonstrates the traits of a tiger as well –bold, friendly, ingenious and eager to take on a challenge – while focusing on customer solutions. 

 Our mission is to leverage our labeling knowledge along with your business needs to provide not only an excellent product, but a great customer experience as well.

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