Parking is a major concern for drivers across the country. Finding a good parking spot can be the difference between choosing one destination from another. You want your parking posts to go to the target or designed users. The same goes for a premises owner. 

A restaurant that reserves parking spots for its customers will only want its customers parked in those spots. If anyone else parks there, then the restaurant is losing a potential sale. Sensitive institutions such as hospitals and logistics businesses need their designated parking spaces to remain strictly for parking usage. 

A poorly parked vehicle can block emergency vehicles in a hospital, thereby endangering lives. Similarly, a wrongly parked vehicle can delay the unloading of a time-bound cargo load for a logistics company.


Parking Warning Labels

You need to warn drivers or owners of wrongly parked vehicles. It would be unfair to tow a car without giving the driver some form of warning. However, at times people genuinely park in the wrong spot without intending to cause disturbance or offense. 

Without the driver’s contact number or knowing where they are in person, it becomes difficult to communicate the warning. The typical action is writing a note and sticking it to the wipers. However, there is a risk that a written warning gets blown away by the wind, or perhaps rained on, or even totally unnoticed by the driver. 

A better way to ensure that the warning is communicated would be by using a warning parking label. You specifically want a label that you can stick to a place that is hard to miss, such as the driver’s windows. You also want a sticker that is resilient but not too hard to remove. Remember, the intention is to communicate, not punish. 

The parking warning sticker should be strong enough to ensure it is seen and easy to remove for the driver.


Catching Attention Using Funny Warning Stickers

While parking violations are serious safety matters with legal consequences, the spirit of the warning sticker is important. You do not want to antagonize someone who parked wrongly or illegally. You only want a sign to communicate the warning. 

Straddling the thin line between warning and admonishing is a difficult exercise. This is especially the case where the person getting the warning is a customer to your premises. You want to warn the person without losing the customer. 

That is where funny parking stickers come in. Having a funny phrase or image on the sign can help you make the person laugh while passing the message. However, you might not be able to come up with funny phrases or images for your parking warnings. 

That is where a professional labeling company comes in. The professional graphics company can easily create a funny warning sticker that you can use to communicate without risking the relationship.


Value For Money

Warning stickers are not a profit-generating item for your business. Instead, these are an expense that is necessitated by human behavior. You want to communicate, but you also want to do so at a cost-effective price. Anchorgraphics guarantees you low prices for your warning stickers. 

The cost for your stickers will depend on the material, graphics complexity, and volumes. A laminated vinyl warning stocker will cost slightly more than a warning sticker printed on normal glossy paper, for example. However, if you live in areas where weather elements are likely to destroy typical paper sticker warning fast, a laminated sticker would be better. 

We advise accordingly because our business is to make the process easy and affordable for you.

The value of money is also about your time. We have fast shipping times; we want you to get warning stickers, parking violation warnings, and no parking stickers fast. That way, you can move to other important areas that need your attention.


Why Choose Anchorgraphics?

We have the design and printing experience for all types of parking warning labels. We can quickly print out your stickers in your desired volumes and ship them over fast. In addition, Anchorgrapics will advise you on the design and messaging of your brand.

Our warning labels are strong and durable, and made with the heaviest adhesive to resist fading. In addition, the stickers are made in highly visible fluorescent colors and are customized to fit you and your company’s needs. 

For example, check out our No Carbon Required (NCR) stickers that utilize the label’s liner as our copy for illustration.

Remember, all communication affects your branding. Do not cheap out and lose brand equity; use the best printing service to get warning labels that not only work but also preserve your brand’s value today.

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Color Options

Most Common Sizes

4.5×5, 5×4, 5×3, 6×5

Additional Details

Durable adhesive stickers

Many fluorescent stickers to choose from

Reduces parking problems

Created specifically for your property/towing needs

We have over 1,000 dies in stock

Additional Warning Sticker Options

NCR Warning Label

NCR Warning Label

As an additional service, we offer a special proprietary NCR Warning Label where the printed liner serves as your office copy.


Warning #5143

Made with highly visible fluorescent colors, our Warning/Violation Labels are durable and affordable. They are made from aggressive adhesive that will not fall off or be easily removed.


Warning Standard

Our Warning/Violation Standard Labels are bold and hard to miss! Customize your own with your own design.