Using Custom Labels For Handcrafted Products

While the handicrafts market is experiencing a boom, there’s lots of competition. Something that may appear insignificant like a removable label or stickers can make a world of difference.  If you’re selling your products, it’s essential that you make your items stand out from your competition. One effective way to do this is to invest in custom labels. Send Anchor Graphics your unique design or professional artwork and our team will produce them in no time. A fast turnaround time is guaranteed.


Benefits of Custom Labels for Your Handmade Items

Whether you’re a seasoned marketplace seller or just trying your hand on handmade items, one thing is for sure. The looks and presentation of your products. Both need to be impeccable and appealing as they’ll appear in product photos and in real life. An outstanding label can accentuate the looks of your item and project a positive brand image.  Let’s look at some compelling reasons and advantages of using high-quality labels on your merchandise.


Custom and Sticker Labels Have a Wide Application

You can use a custom label on just about any item. From beauty supplies to jewelry to homemade goods, custom labels can give your handicrafts an edge over other sellers. Label materials are diverse and sheet labels versatile.  You can choose the color and ink that matches what you’re selling. We are sure you’ll find the right label for your product shape, quantity, and size. A single sheet of label material can fit from 50-60 labels, depending on which size you want, giving you value for money.


Custom Labels Can Impress Your Customers

Hobbyists and experienced sellers usually use sticker labels to create a professional image. Some competitors ships their items in empty or plain boxes. Custom labels make a good first impression on your online buyers. A study by,  a leading e-commerce platform shows that 52 percent of buyers are likely to make repeat purchases from a seller that uses premium packaging. While you may not have the capacity to produce custom shipping containers, a well-made label can add that oomph to your handicrafts or items.

You may assume custom labels or roll labels are just an ordinary showcase of your logo or brand colors. But the truth is they offer you the opportunity to add important details. If you’re creating homemade beauty products or health-related items, the labels can help you make connections with the customer. You can personalize your company package depending on your label design. Some of the details that you add about your service will make customers remember your item and come back in the future. If they’re pleased, they will leave positive reviews about their shopping experience online.


Custom Labels Help You Build Your Brand

Some people in the online handicraft marketplace are happy to have a fun side project that brings them some extra cash. However, some are ambitious and want to grow their brand and sales. If you intend to grow our handicraft business, custom labels for your product can play a pivotal role in brand growth and development.

As your sales grow, you want customers to know your trading or company name. Your brand, especially the logo, give your online business identity. Your brand elements, including labels, help tell your story. Over time, consistent labeling might promote your brand image until it becomes a recognizable sign.

For some people, branding means much more than just a circle logo printed on a product package. Labels can tell your company’s stories to new customers so they can develop an intimate relationship with your business. To distinguish your handicrafts from other handmade products, select unique colors. Consider also modifying existing labels before shipping.  Using variable printing technology, a reputable printer can create different print versions of your product label for different items. This might come in handy if you’re trying to personalize your packaging for specific customers, special events,s or just want to diversify your color schemes.


Custom Labels Are Affordable

Some people think that custom labels are quite expensive. That’s not entirely true. Digital printing technology enables printers to produce any amount of printed labels without compromising quality. This makes it the go-to solution for hobbyists and small businesses looking for inexpensive custom labels. For as little as $100, you can order professionally-made sticker labels or sheet labels for your products. Anchor Graphics can produce your roll labels and stickers at a price that won’t break your budget. Contact us with your request.

Digital printing is also flexible. If you want to produce different labels for different products, your printer can combine these orders until the minimum is reached instead of having you create separate orders for every type of label. So, you have greater freedom to order the labels in batches, depending on your needs. As your online business grows, your order a larger batch of labels at a fair cost without sacrificing, quality or experiencing lengthy turnaround times. At Anchor Graphics, your personalized labels are produced within a few days after the artwork is approved.

Talking of proof, you may fear that some labels that you order online might not look as great as you want. You can request press proofs before the designs go into production. Anchor Graphics uses digital formats, meaning your design will stay on file in case you need additional labels. Just log into your account and make an order. We guarantee you that we’ll do a satisfactory job.


Are you looking for roll labels or personalized labels for your goods? Order labels custom made for your products

Anchor Graphics can help you create stunning custom labels for your crafts, clothing, or other handmade items. Just upload your artwork to your account or send us your logo, text, or image via email. We offer vibrant, full-color print with a white reverse side. Each label is individually cut and made from a durable material. You can order your labels in packs of 20,40, 100, or more. We’re happy to create the perfect designs for your small DIY projects. Call 1.800.875.7859 to talk to our experts if you need help or want to clarify the shapes, colors of your stickers. You can also shop for ready-made labels or use our free instant label quoter to get an estimate for your custom labels or stickers.


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