Tips On How To Avoid Common Label Defects


Labels are an important way to establish your brand identity for your audience. This is especially true if you have never used certain labels with your products before. But even when they remain easy to source through reliable label manufacturers, they can often lead to a few challenges.

From wrinkling to air bubbles, these issues may not only hamper your brand identity but also carry the potential to waste your investment in custom labels. Due to this reason, it is important to determine what type of label defects you can run into before, during, and after the application process. This ensures that you can steer clear of these challenges and get the most out of your brand’s labels. 

Here is what you need to know about common errors and how to make sure you execute your vision with the right printing quality.


What Common Label Defects Can You Experience?

Common label defects range from minimal physical deterioration to major material damage. In either case, they hold the ability to disrupt your brand image while also carrying the potential to turn critical warning content into illegible shapes and figures. 


These defects include but are not limited to:

  • Curling
  • Wrinkling
  • Tearing
  • Peeling
  • Flagging


Other instances such as difficult release or incomplete release from the substrate may also cause your labels to turn defective. 


How to Avoid Common Label Defects

Fortunately, using effective suggestions can help you prevent label effects to a significant degree. To help you with this aspect of brand identity, here are a few tips for avoiding common label defects. 


Be Mindful Of Suitable Temperatures

Using certain labels on substrates that are too hot can cause them to turn defective. This can also happen when you are executing the application process within a hot temperature environment. 

To avoid these outcomes, make it a point to use your labels with substrates and environments with a moderate temperature. Otherwise, you can use specialized labels such as those of the iron-on variety that are purpose-built for sustaining heat.


Take Special Care With Excessive Moisture

Extreme moisture, excessive humidity, or exposure to water can also cause some labels to get damaged. In many cases, this can lead to insufficient application and trigger the labels to peel off. 

That is why you need to be careful about these factors. If your application uses moisture or humidity in any form, ensure that you are working with created labels to withstand these conditions. This way, you can continue using your labels without any issues. 


Learn About Packaging Processes

Whenever you are putting labels on anything, it is important to consider your packaging process. This lets you determine specific conditions that need to be taken into account while selecting your labels. 

Considering high temperature too excessive humidity, these considerations make sure that you are mindful of what conditions your labels will be going through after the application process. In turn, you can plan on how to avoid or manage certain requirements. 


Keep Label Materials in Check

Label materials are critical to their performance. But the most expensive label does not always translate to the sturdiest material. Instead, it all depends upon the type of application that the label is made to support and related environmental and usage conditions.

Due to this reason, take a quick assessment of the type of features that the label brings to the table. For instance, if you are putting labels on clothes, ensure that they can withstand moisture and heat from laundry and ironing. This lets you plan label usage accordingly. 


Assess Packaging or Substrate Materials

You should also study your packaging or substrate materials carefully. This lets you choose the label materials and features that are compatible with your packaging or substrate. As a result, you can avoid common issues with ease. 

This particular practice can be completed by simply referring to your existing packaging or substrate. If you source these materials such as bottles, boxes, or clothes through reliable vendors, you can learn about their composition easily. This helps you find the right labels and avoid defects. 


Use the Right Adhesive

Adhesives are the lifeblood of any label application. If you use regular adhesive in a moisture-ridden application such as refillable bottles, your labels will lead to unappealing defects such as peeling and teasing. But if you use purpose-built adhesive, you can steer clear of these problems.

 You can ask about the right adhesive for your application by simply discussing your requirements with the manufacturer. This allows you to find the right combination of adhesive and materials alike. 

Keeping these tips in mind allows you to avoid common label mistakes and ensure that your label always sticks the first time with optimal performance to boot. 

The key is to discuss your specifications with seasoned customer-oriented professionals who know what to do in different label applications. This provides you with informed advice and analysis, which lets you get the most out of your labels.


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