The Benefits Of Having Effective Security Labels


Why Security Labels Matter for Your Product or Service

When most people talk about brand counterfeiting, they usually think of shoddy electronic devices or copycat handbags. The truth is any brand can become a victim of counterfeiters, from food processors to pharmaceuticals. It’s a serious problem that causes big brands to lose significant revenue and goodwill from customers. For example, many bog pharma and healthcare firms have business models that depend almost entirely on consumer perception and trust.


Types of Security Labels

There are different types of labels and tags for your products. Some have different colors and are applied differently. A trustworthy brand protection label will advise you on combining features that can address theft, shoplifting, or product diversion. Some of the security labels and technologies behind some of the respectable brands include:


Tamper evident security

 Here we have the VOID label and effective anti-theft security seal. It’s usually applied to items. When removed, the self-destruct tamper-evident labels leave a VOID pattern, message, or mark the surface of a product leaving a residue. These labels can help you preserve product authenticity and safety while reducing retail fraud and theft. If you fear goods intended for sale or transport might be tampered with, a uniquely numbered red security label with a fast bonding laminate for various surfaces and voids can help protect your merchandise.



Applying unique identifiers like serial numbers to product packaging is essential in establishing a secure system for securing your products. Serial numbers are usually printed in black for better visibility.



They are widely used on retail products. Buyers recognize the codes as useful in inventory control and speedy check-out at a retail store. In addition, barcodes on products usually carry particular information that can be used for brand protection.



This typically involves adding serial numbers or other information in prints almost imperceptible to the naked eye. Some clever applications entail embedding the microprinting within a patterned area so that it blends with the background. Those who know are the only ones that can locate and read the fine prints.


Color-shifting ink

Commonly used with the US currency, color-shifting technology entails using special ink that changes colors depending on the customer’s angle. Heat and catalysts can trigger color change on the product.


Track and trace

Usually paired with security markings on products, track and trace security systems ensure brand owners understand and protect their goods along the supply chains. If you suspect that product diversion might hurt your brand during shipping, this is a good place to start. The tracking aspect of the system enables the store or brand owner to record details of shipments through various distribution channels until the items reach the consumers. On the other hand, the trace side ensures interested parties like law enforcement and investigators trace an item back to the source. This security system is beneficial when dealing with gray market problems and contains information on marketing and warranty.


Specialty Technologies

Some security labels use complex printing techniques to create recognizable but difficult to reproduce marks on accessories or products. As a result, only the authorized source can reproduce them. Notable examples include holography, lens effects, and diffraction, which are common features on optically variable devices (OVDs). Most people who see the marks would call them holograms.

While counterfeiters have become skilled in replicating the outward appearance of some holograms, they can’t reproduce the unique identifies with the precision and intricacy of the manufacturer. Anyone with a keen eye and who knows to look for evidence can distinguish a copy of an OVD from the real thing.


Reasons to Use Security Labels

Whether you’re trying to deter in-store theft or product tampering, printed security labels and tags can help you lower shoplifting or counterfeiting. Below are some of the reasons you should use labels on consumer products or equipment.

  • Immediate alert: Retail associates get immediate alerts whenever someone tries to make away with tagged products. This feature allows them to retrieve the item and contact law enforcement to report the attempted theft.
  • Individual product protection: Security labels are designed to protect your individual items or products. Any item with a security label or tag attached will activate the EAS alarm when it’s stolen out of the store.
  • Compliance: Security labels are also required by insurance providers and government compliance programs. If you are a vendor supplying items to the military or contractors, you must show that your merchandise has appropriate security labels or tags.
  • Visible deterrent: Shoplifting is usually a crime of opportunity. The simple presence of a visible label or security tag on your merchandise makes it less likely to be a target for shoplifters.
  • Easy to use: Security labels and tags are easy to apply to products. Staff can apply and remove tags at the point of sales using a detacher during the transaction. And they can re-apply them to other products once a customer pays for an item. Labels don’t need to be detached, rather theyré deactivated at the POS using a device that breaks the label’s circuit. For greater speed and efficiency, the deactivator can be incorporated into your barcode scanner.
  • Visually pleasing: For that streamlined in-store look, you can position your EAS antenna within door frames, under the entryways, or even up in the ceiling.
  • Many options available: The availability of different security labels and tags widens your options. White or colored, you can find the right label for various products regardless of their shapes, surfaces, and sizes. You can choose from clothing tags, optical tags, liquor tags. There’s a wide array of tags and labels to suit any purpose.


Want to Protect Your Brand from Counterfeits? Get a Custom Security Label from Anchor Graphics

You’ve invested a ton of cash in building your brand and developing products. So it’s appropriate for you to secure your investment and protect your brand reputation by getting identifiable security labels or your packaging or stock. We can help you create a clear and effective label that incorporates tamper-evident security such as anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion features. Please, call 1.800.875.7859 to explore your options for securing product pieces or to use our instant label quoter to get a free estimate.

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