Specialty Labels

At Anchor Graphics, your satisfaction is our top priority. As one of the best printing industries, we are equipped with our team of professionals to meet all your printing queries. In addition, our creative and professional team is committed to meet your printing needs. 

Searching online for a random printing company will often lead to frustrations after dissatisfaction, poor customer services, and undesirable prints.

Choose us, Anchor Graphics, for your next printing needs. We empathize with you, and our employees, who are label experts, will strive to provide quality prints blended with creativity and specialty beyond your expectations. 

Unique Projects That Elevate Your Brand

At Anchor Graphics, we offer specialty labels under multiple categories and blend their specific uses to meet your needs. Our titles are specialized in that our craft is continuously honed and developed. This is to allow you to get the best depiction of your brand based on your ideas.

In addition, our fluidity and flexibility will enable us to change as your preference changes.

We aim at elevating your brand recognition to the point your potential prospects will easily identify with your brand through visuals, colors, and logos. Creating your brand’s awareness and recognition goes way above your business name and flashy graphics. 

We incorporate a blend of your product descriptions, marketing campaigns, the feelings and emotions you’d want to invoke in your prospects.

At Anchor Graphic Labels, we will help you create a recognizable brand that will connect with consumers effortlessly, sell itself to new clients and maintain brand loyalty and recognition.

Common Specialty Label Solutions:

Anniversary Labels

Anniversaries are commemorative events celebrating years of partnerships together. We offer unique anniversary labels tailored for you to use in shopping bags, bottles, gifts, and other creations. 

In addition, we may use the shiny tags on billed reports, letters, and brochures based on your preference.

Asset Labels

We offer various products considering your specifications by fitting your size and material requirements. In addition, we provide a consultation contact and an in-depth analysis to help you select the correct tags.

Die-Cut Labels

We will help you add your brand to your product packaging by using colorful or subtle visuals depending on your desires. In addition, we offer various die-cut labels for different materials and grades to stick on almost any surface.

Direct Thermal Labels & Thermal Transfer Labels

At Anchor Graphics, we provide different sizes, materials of Direct Thermal labels at a relatively lower rate. The titles are created through a reaction between heat and chemicals, enabling them to be merged with bar codes. 

Our Direct Thermal labels are best for shipping, warehousing, and manufacturing high-volume products and tools. In addition, we may add adhesives to the labels to meet your requirements.

Embossed Labels, Hot Stamp Labels

Are you looking for a flashy and elegant label? Our embossed labels are the secret ingredient. At Anchor Graphics, we have state-of-the-art printers and expertise to bring your desired customized labels to life. We add dimensions to the already existing label designs through embossing to create an eye-catching, high-end feel and look unmatched to the market.

Foil Labels, Gold Foil Labels & Silver Foil Labels

Your products wrapped in foils not only appear elegant, rich, and expensive but are also an instant indicator of integrity. Our foils are available in gold and silver and come in various shapes, including square, oval, circle, and rectangle. 

Based on your label needs, we have materials and multiple papers to choose from to make your brand stand out and create a long-lasting impression on your customers. In addition, we can combine the foil process with embossing to create a customized foil label.

Laser Labels, Laminated Labels, and Polyester Labels

We offer laminated labels and tags along with a wide range of uses and are a must-have for your company and business. For example, our labels can label camping gear, sports equipment, and other accessories. 

The labels come in different colors and stand out to help keep track of your items and goods. Other uses include logistic labels, caution labels, provide more information, and inspection services. They are available in different materials, sizes, and colors.

Name Badge Labels

At Anchor Graphics, we offer name badge labels that allow writing, don’t affect print quality and are flexible to avoid curling or falling. In addition, we have plenty of designs from colors and peel away badges easily separated from the printed material. 

Our badge labels are available in different designs and templates of your choice for a professional look. The badges can be used on almost every fabric except a few, including velvet and delicate materials.

Kraft Paper Labels

We have Kraft paper labels available in ordinary white gloss and customized foil labels. Feel free to ask for a quote from us for your particular paper label, including materials, sizes and adhesives preferred.

Permanent, Removable & Static Cling Labels

Our static labels stick on smooth surfaces not through adhesives but by using static electricity. This helps you get rid of residue left by adhesives after the removal of tags. 

For glass purposes and product promotions, we recommended static labels. You may choose from any color, size, and shape. 

How To Use Specialty and Safety Labels:

  • Cosmetic, Food, Beverage & specifically Wines
  • Branded Shell Scenarios with Logo & Text
  • Floor & Carpet Social Distancing Decals
  • Intense Indoor & Outdoor Environments
  • Mailing & Shipping Scenarios
  • Medley of Devices, Electronics & Equipment
  • Personalized Name Badges & Cards, Stationery & Anniversary Seals
  • Promotions, Gifts, Special Events & Trade Shows
  • Re-positionable Shelf-Marking Labels with Barcodes
  • Retail UPC, Publishing & Media ISBN/EAN, Code 39 & Code 128 Barcode Selections
  • Tamper Evident “Void” Barcodes for Security and Theft Control
  • Various Product & Packaging from Simplest to Most Ornate Gourmet

Popular Specialty and Evident Labels Materials & More:

  • Permanent and Removable Adhesives
  • White FSC Paper (see our blog on FSC paper)
  • Foil, Kraft, Vinyl, Polyester, and Other Man-Made Substrates
  • Roll and Sheet Formats
  • Unique Thermal Transfer Paper or Films
  • Barcodes & Re-positionable Self-Marking Labeling Material
  • Flexography with 1-6 Spot Colors or Four-Color Processing
  • Single & Double-Sided Printing Selections
  • Over-Lamination on Film Materials for Higher Durability

At Anchor Graphics, we are here to meet all your extensive label designs by offering flexible packaging capabilities at competitive prices. With our team of experts, we aim to provide exactly what you need. If you face challenges in product packaging, budgeting, and other inventory challenges, we are here for you. 

Our consultative team is here to provide a wide variety of insights and solutions to all your queries. We will help you turn your vision into reality, have a distinguished product in the market to boost your sales. 

We welcome your labeling needs and creativity as it will challenge us to provide solutions to the unique brand labeling you are after—Call us at 1-800-875-7859 for an expert consultation with us.

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