Product Labels

Labels Custom To Your Brand

If we look into the essential selling point for any company product, we must not overlook the product labels. Among all the product purchase decisions, 70% of the process takes place when purchasing. At this point, the product label is an essential element to assist customers in determining what is right for them.

There are different functions of custom product labels. Some are:

  • It helps to identify the product.
  • It is beneficial for the promotion of the product. 
  • It is also helpful in providing information about the product and its usage. 

The product label plays an essential role in either breaking or making the product’s sales. The first impression of the product label plays a vital role just like a book cover does, addressing the summary of the book or what the book is all about.

Why Are Custom Labels Important?

Custom product labels play an essential role in the identification and awareness of the product. Custom product labels are always the central and primary focus when looking for or coming across any product. 

If we are keen to look at the product, we always have a superficial go-through of the label. Hence, the identification of a specific brand is always made through its custom product labels.

How To Make Labels for Your Product?

A different label will make your product stand out amongst others and make it desirable to be purchased by the user.

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to make a simple, informative, and different label.

You Should Be Aware Of Your Audience

If you are aware of your target audience, the rest is a bit easier. You should know the class of people you are addressing. You should be mindful of the age, gender, and ethnicity of the people you are catering toward for effective custom labels.

Choose a label size wisely. Make sure it has enough space to cover and cater to all the information you need to put. In addition to this, look for standards. 

Choose Your Label Material

You can choose any material from containers, bottles, boxes, or more. You should use the label material according to the use of your product. For example, if the product is a shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc., the label should be waterproof. The label material should be able to hold sufficient moisture levels.

Choose Different And Aesthetic Materials For Your Label

For example, you can use textured brown cardboard for scented candles or metallic foil labels that add dimensions and attract various customers to your product.

 Your label should complement your container and shouldn’t be indifferent. For plastic or clear glass bottles, use colored labels rather than clear labels, making information difficult to read.

Incorporate A Sales Message

The sales message precisely explains why your product is different from other products in the market. Hence, formulate a sales message while keeping a customer’s mind-frame. To develop a sales message, ask yourself what is so different about your product. What are the benefits of your products? How can the customers benefit after buying from your company?

Common Types Of Product Labels

  • Activation Labels (Gift Cards, Credit Cards, Membership Labels)
  • Food Labels
  • Bottle Labels, Wine Labels
  • Craft Beer Can Labels
  • Cosmetic Labels, Beauty Supply Labels
  • Hand Sanitizer Labels, Lotion Labels
  • Packaging Labels, Prime Labels, Secondary Labels
  • Clear Labels, Kraft Paper Labels, Foil Labels
  • Coupon Labels, Tear-Apart Labels
  • Plant Seed Packaging, Plant Food Labels
  • Nutrition Labels – including Pet Food Labels

Popular Product Labels Materials & More

  • Pressure – Sensitive Materials
  • Lamination for Strength in Multiple Environments
  • Foil Stamping and combination Printing
  • Film substrates like Plow propylene
  • Paper-Based Materials
  • Sequential Numbers and Barcodes
  • Single- & double-sided printing options

How To Use Our Product Labels

  • Food packaging use from Freezing, Room & Hot Temperatures.
  • Dressings, Oils, Vinegar & Sauce Bottles
  • Jelly, Salsa, Honey & Nut Butter Jars
  • Spirit, Wine & Beer Bottles
  • Nutritional Drink & Water Bottles
  • Ingredient, Nutrition Information & Food Panels
  • Barcode Labels for Sales & Internal Control
  • Gaming
  • Single Coupon Redemptions & Promotional Items

Why is our Label Service Right For You?

Our product label service is stellar for many reasons. First, it makes your product label unique and makes it stand out among other product labels. We offer both designs, roll labels, and cut-to-size. The labels are available in different shapes and sizes with self-adhesive material, making them stackable to any surface. 

The material we choose can withstand water, oil, and other external factors, maintaining the label’s cleanliness. The offerings come with durable adhesive material, which makes them applicable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

We also provide different options for the texture of material according to other containers they can be used in. For example, textured brown material is always seen on wine bottles, food, beverages, and luxury items. 

One element that makes our service stand out the most is the use of customizable colors, shapes, and finishes to complete your look. Other designs are also available.

Conclusively, our product label service provides all you need in an ideal label.

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