Key Chains

Keychains keep you tethered, ensuring you can either hang them on a latch or even from your trousers or jacket. The keychain was invented to prevent accidental loss of keys, but the chain has gained different applications as time evolves.


Different Uses For A Key Chain



Perhaps the most common in branding. The keychain allows you to spread your brand awareness in a practical yet affordable way. You can print metallic keychains, for example, for your use. Your keyring will have your brand on them, ensuring that anyone who sees it knows your identity.

Employees can also use branding as an identity item. With this type of branding, the idea is to have a few well-built chains for internal use by staff only. It is advisable to use metal keychains for this purpose.

Companies that want to expand their branding can also order logo keychains for giveaways for their customers. These are often made from PVC because it is cheaper and easier to work with and print a logo on; engraving takes more time and could cost more. 

Also, the intention is to gift the customer something functional but at a low cost.


Gifting Custom Keychains

Keychains are an easy-to-customize but thoughtful gift. For example, imagine a friend who has just bought a new car. You can get that friend a key ring branded with the car’s model as a thoughtful gift. 

True gifts are not about the monetary equivalent; they are about how they make us feel. A keyring is personal and will always be with the person you gifted.


Safety With Personalized Keychains

If you have children who need to keep their keys safe, a keyring is a great idea. Having a light keychain that the child can comfortably carry with them promotes safety as they are unlikely to lose their keys. 

If the child loves a certain cartoon, for example, you can order a key ring in a near similar design to create the emotional attachment needed to ensure the child keeps the keys safe.


Customized Keychains For Campaigns 

Awareness campaigns such as political campaigns or public service campaigns can be supplemented using key chains. A keychain on getting vaccinated against COVID-19, for example, would be a constant reminder of the pandemic and how to stay safe. 

Better yet, a government agency can order printed keychains to give to people who get their vaccines as a feel-good awareness tool.

A politician running for office will find great value in using custom keychains for their messaging. The keychains can either be given for free or used as fundraising items.

You can also use printed keychains for fundraising for a cause. Asking people to donate is great, but asking people to buy something for charity is greater. People want the satisfaction that comes with donating. Having a key ring in exchange for a charitable donation of time, money, or expertise is a good way to thank the donor. 

The keyring will be a reminder of the good deed, and that is valuable for the emotional satisfaction of giving.


Paying Homage

A keyring is a thoughtful way to keep a memory alive. It could be a memory of anything, from a person to an event. A spouse can have a key ring with laser engraving of their partner’s nickname, for example. Another person might prefer to have a key ring that bears their business’ logo as a reminder of how far their enterprise has grown. 

Finally, some people carry key chains from an event they attended as a reminder of the moments they shared with others.


Key Chain Printing

Typically, key chains are printed on sealed, heavy-duty ten mil polycarbonate. Designed to be flexible and lightweight, ten mils provides a versatile resident identification and commercial advertising portfolio. 

Its film has been constructed and refined to enhance its superior, powerful resistance to all-natural elements and temperatures. Additionally, this version of 10 mils is sealed with a smooth, glossy finish.


The Anchor Graphics Proposal

We propose to get you the best custom key chains at guaranteed low prices. So you can keep a memory alive or even a customer happy using this simple technique. Some of our best sellers have been key rings ordered by businesses looking to gift a customer. 

A keyring will always find practical use; the trick is in ensuring the keychain does not feel cheap; otherwise, it will get discarded.

Call us now for a great offer on custom keychains.

Additional Details

23/8″ x 13/8
13/8″ x 13/8
3″ x 11/8
23/4″ x 1 1/4

4 Color process one sided:
125 Quantity – $1.40
250 Quantity – $0.92
500 Quantity – $0.67
1,00 Quantity – $0.61

4 Color process double sided:
125 Quantity – $1.56
250 Quantity – $0.95
500 Quantity – $0.69
1,000 Quantity – $0.63

Additional Details

23/8″ x 13/8
13/8″ x 13/8
3″ x 11/8
23/4″ x 1 1/4