How To Make Physical Distancing Labels Fun?

social distancing sign


While the ongoing distribution of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines shows a bright future ahead, it is still important to follow health safety advice such as wearing face masks and practicing physical distancing.

Otherwise, veering away from these suggestions at such a critical time can result in some adverse outcomes. 

An overabundance of dreary labels can suck the joy right out of your business’s pleasant ambiance. That’s where you need to strike the required balance between being prudent and being welcoming and make your labels more customer-friendly in their aesthetic with the right label printing partner. 

To help you master this tightrope walk of a task, here’s how you can make physical distancing labels have a more pleasant tone. With the help of custom labels and a custom label printing partner, flexographic printing, specialty labels, and general printing options, you can find the labels that meet your needs.

1. Use Great Bright and Bold Colors For Custom Labels

Color palettes have a way of influencing certain emotions in our minds. That is why they play a big part in the decor of all types of business premises. This distinction also holds when it comes to conveying critical messages, such as suggesting the importance of physical distance at all times. 

Manufacturing Custom Print Labels With Color Can Be Great

Using bright and bold colors in your physical distancing labels, you can make their messaging more pleasant in their tone. Primary colors are a great choice to ensure that your customers can connect with the important message with a warm vibe. 

Use the Right Color Print and Digital Service To Obtain The Right Cost For Your Shrink Sleeves

This approach can be equally effective whether you use it in text labels, floor markers, or wall graphics. Just make sure that you choose your colors in a way that maintains their prominence against your decor and does not cause them to be overpowered by the palette of your premises. Make sure that you can deliver your message without any chance of confusion.

2. Utilize Different Shapes For Your Label Printing Needs

social distancing sign

While the plain text on the wall or straight borders on the floor reminds your patrons and employees about physical distancing, they can often seem drab with excessive use. With this in mind, you must mix and match these straightforward labels with some shapes and designs. 

Instead of placing many text-based labels on your walls or parallel borders on the floor, you can use wall stickers in different geometric shapes or floor stickers with arrows or triangles. This brings a variety to your physical distancing labels while ensuring that your message also gets across to everyone.

If you are using physical distancing labels in a corporate environment, you can also use these shapes across cubicles, desks, and office doors. This also keeps your employees mindful of the rules while ensuring that you can steer clear of boring labels. 

Integrate Various Patterns to Produce Quality Custom Label Printing Results

The main goal of physical distancing labels is to deliver the core message to your patrons and employees with clarity. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to be all based on plain text. 

You can use different patterns in these labels to make them more fun and have them stand out from the rest of your decor. 

You can use footprint patterns on floor labels for physical distancing around your store’s counter space. You can also utilize beverage signs or food plate patterns within the signs placed in a restaurant business. The design goes in line with your business’ overall theme while also staying away from mundane labels.

There are several possibilities for you to use these patterns, with each one providing a distinct spin on plain text labels that warn for physical distancing. It adds an instantly fun aesthetic to your signs without undermining the gravity of the message. As a result, you can get the best of both worlds without any compromise. 

Harness the Power of Words

When using physical distancing labels across your premises, you must not stay stuck to the same arrangement of words. While using warnings and figures such as the mention of “six feet” is essential, using the same message can instill a sense of boredom into anyone who comes across more than one sign of this type.

To counter this effect, you can use different labels with creative yet accurate messaging. With a wide variety of fun physical distancing labels and signs to choose from, you can easily find a sign that has some humor but still stays respectful to the seriousness of the ongoing pandemic. 

You can spark some smiles while protecting your customers and employees at the same time. When you use a selective collection of these labels, it delivers the lighthearted mood that you need at your business.

3. Introduce Some Fun References

When you mix similar exciting subjects with a bunch of pop culture references, you can be effective in establishing a lighthearted approach towards your physical distancing labels. 

From referencing classic hits, you can play around with your social distancing labels to bring an instant smile to any spectators. These information signs work in any environment, but they are especially effective in businesses looking to serve a younger audience.

You can even use these physical distancing labels with different pop culture, wildlife, and news cycle references to look to provide your customers and employees with gentle reminders about physical distancing. 

When the message is warm and friendly, it can contribute to positive experience and feelings in the spectator and help them make the right choice to follow these tips more easily.


By following these suggestions, you can obtain the fun approach you aim for while also factoring in the seriousness you require. It makes sure that you can show your support for those affected by COVID-19 while also bringing much-needed comfort to those struggling to keep up with the pandemic’s challenges. 

At Anchor Graphics, our extensive selection of physical distancing stickers makes sure that you can discover various fun yet effective options for establishing these public safety messages. Whether you want to place them in your office or your restaurant, these solutions can help you maintain the required safety standards at your premises.


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