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Anchor Graphics creates garment labels for your industry. From Iron-on to soft satin labels. Ditch the itch, choose one our stylish soft label designs for undergarments, shirts or pants.

No need to worry, call today and tell us exactly what you want on the most luxurious and extremely detailed custom garment labels created for your brand.

Your label will be made in the U.S.A and shipped nationwide.

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Durable for t-Shirts, furniture, crafts and more. Provides a soft, comfortable, and flexible feel for a label that will not fray.

We carry a vividly colorful array of satin ribbon, in addition to the following sizes:

  • ¼ inch wholesale Satin Ribbon
  • 3/8 inch wholesale Satin Ribbon
  • 5/8 inch wholesale Satin Ribbon
  • 7/8 inch wholesale Satin Ribbon
  • 1 ½ inch wholesale Satin Ribbon
  • 2 inch wholesale Satin Ribbon

No minimum order.

These durable iron-on labels are soft and long-lasting. It is a low-cost solution when the minimum is too large. They work best on 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton-poly blend, or fabrics.

Application takes mere minutes.

Durable, more economic option to Satin Ribbon. Shrink and tear-resistant.

Use this versatile fabric to create protective tarps for machinery, automobiles and tools that are stored indoors. It can also be upholstered to seat cushions.

It is not intended for outdoor use. Basic black.

Our Satin Adhesive Back sticks satin ribbon to any exterior. This self-sticking material adds color to your event.

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  •  Printed Fabric Labels
  • Satin Adhesive Back
  • Iron On Cloth
  • Printed Trim
  • size labels
  • Hang Tags
  • Iron-On

 We provide our customers with the finest quality materials while offering the lowest cost alternative to woven labels. We offer many color variations and prints for your logo while achieving the best look Possible.

From  soft satin ribbon to flame resistant, we offer a variety of materials. Our garment division not only offers garment labels, but hang tags, size labels, printed trim and other various products.

From small designs to Federally compliant, we carry it all.