Custom Sized Business Cards

Custom Sized Business Cards with Custom Printing

Whether you operate your own business or you are an employed representative of a company, you must have business cards with your name and other contact information to hand out to potential clients. From networking events to personal introductions, business cards provide a way for you to exchange information quickly and remain in the memories of those new contacts you meet. 

Business cards are the perfect way for individuals from other companies or potential clients to remember meeting you and be reminded that your services may be useful for their needs. People will often find the business cards of business owners they met but may have forgotten to contact. These cards may spur them to make that contact and begin a profitable business relationship. 

With all of this in mind, you must have business cards that accurately represent your company and help potential clients remember why you are the right person to provide them the goods or services they need. At Anchor Graphics, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with exceptional, customized business cards that look great and leave a lasting impression on their potential clients and business partners. You must consider how your business card design could affect the people who may become your clients or partners.

Anchor Graphics has seen many different types, sizes, colors, and shapes for business cards, so we know how a card can look. Our goal is to provide you high-quality business card design and printing that will impress your clients and partners. We are happy to make suggestions and help you create a business card that you are proud of and will be glad to hand out to all of your new and existing contacts.

What Difference Does an Elegant Looking Business Card Make?

Almost everyone has seen (or maybe given out) the typical business card. A small, rectangular piece of cardstock with your name and business contact information on it. Some of them might be different colors or even have a picture, but most of them are a bit boring and do not leave the long-lasting impression you are probably hoping for from your meeting. That’s where Anchor Graphics and our impressive collection of elegant business cards play a critical role for you and your business.

An elegant looking business card can truly make the difference in a client remembering your company and making contact or forgetting about your meeting and contacting one of your competitors. Your business card should be a mini extension of your business itself. What kind of impression do you want to make? The better your business cards look, the more you will stand apart from your competition and remain in the memories of potential clients. Additionally, when a business card impacts a potential customer, that person is far more likely to think more highly of the business represented by that card. Don’t let your business card be another one added to a pile. Get the customized business card that stands out and calls for action!

Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Business Card Printed

As we have said, your business card should be a clear and accurate representation of you and your company. It will be the item that potential clients take with them after meeting you, so it needs to demonstrate who you are, what you do, and why you are the best choice for customers. There are some important factors to ask yourself about before you finalize your card and get it printed. These questions include:

  • Is my contact information accurate?
    • How much information is too much?
    • Is the most critical information visible? 
  • Should I have my company’s logo?
    • What about my headshot?
    • Can the card be a picture?
  • What does the look of the card say about my company and my personality?
    • Am I making a good impression?
    • Is my card memorable?
    • Will this card blend in with the rest on the pile?
  • What customizations do I want?
    • Are those customizations (size, shape, color, texture) going to make my card stand out positively or annoy my potential clients?
  • Are they too expensive to hand out en masse?

Once you have answered these questions, you are ready to put your design to print and start handing out those cards!

Contact Our Business Card Printers

At Anchor Graphics, we have the experience and expertise to help you design a business card you love that conveys all of the essential information about your company in a way that you will make you proud. If you are ready to get a business card that stands out from the crowd and leaves a lasting positive impression on your clients, contact Anchor Graphics to learn more about our printing options.