Customize Your Rack Card Sizes with Custom Printing

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Whether you are advertising a special or a new product or looking for a way to succinctly tell customers about your business or any other of several different uses, custom rack cards are a great option. 

Because they are only one sheet, custom rack cards can be easily picked up by a client, perused quickly, and even shared with friends and relatives. They are a fantastic way to get your company’s name and brand out there using a medium that is simple to carry.

At Anchor Graphics, we know how important it is to have great advertising for your company and spend your advertising budget wisely. That is why we recommend investing in custom rack cards printed with our custom printing technique. We offer various card stock possibilities and designs and amazing quality, and the custom size options you want. If you have been considering an investment in custom rack cards, Anchor Graphics can help.

What Are Custom Rack Cards?

When your company is looking for a way to showcase a new product, advertise a sale or promotion, provide your customers with an easy-to-read takeout menu, or offer an updated event calendar, custom rack cards are the solution you need. Custom rack cards are single-sheet handouts that can be given to clients or placed on a reception desk for customers to grab on their way in or out of the office.

Rack cards are a step beyond business cards without going to the level of multi-page pamphlets or booklets about your industry. Business cards are very limiting in that you can only communicate a minute amount of information to your customers: your name, business, email, phone number. 

They are handy and can be passed out quickly, but they are also extremely easy to lose or dispose of without a second thought. With a booklet or pamphlet, you have much more room to work with but run the risk of people not actually reading it. The printing costs may not be worth the potential reward. 

Custom rack cards are the in-between solution. They are small enough to be printed fairly cheaply, have just enough information to offer details without explaining your entire business to a customer, and are tougher to lose since the size is not overly compact. 

Design Tips to Get the Most out of Your Custom Rack Cards

Now that you are aware of the many benefits and advantages of custom rack cards when compared to business cards or pamphlets, here are a few important design tips to keep in mind as you create your custom rack cards:

Keep it simple: While you have more room to work with than your typical business card, you do not want to cram too much information onto one card. If there is too much text, your potential clients may feel overwhelmed and place it back in the rack cardholder. 

Put the most important and pertinent facts on the front (logo, branding, message), and reserve the back (if you need it) for details and other information.

Choose good photos and colors: People are attracted to particular types of photographs and are drawn in by certain color schemes. Much like your website, you want your customers to enjoy looking at your rack card while also absorbing the information you have carefully placed on the card. 

Stay on message: If you are using a rack card to promote a new product or advertise a sale, maintain this message consistently throughout the card. It may be tempting to add more information about your company, other services or products you offer, and other things that would be better for another rack card. To reduce the potential confusion for your customers, stay on message throughout the card.

Create a Call to Action (CTA): Now that you have enticed your customers or piqued their interest, it is time to tell them what to do with the information you have provided to them. Do you want them to call you for an estimate? Are you hoping they will contact you to schedule an appointment? Your potential customers must know what you want them to do so that they can actually answer the call to action.

If you are interested in printing rack cards and learning about the variety of custom sizes they can be designed in, contact Anchor Graphics for more information.

How Anchor Graphics Can Help Your Business by Custom Printing Rack Cards

At Anchor Graphics, our printing experts are here to help you design and print custom rack cards in various sizes and on various card stocks. We want to assist your business by printing the custom rack cards you need for advertising, promotions and offering information to your customers. 

Our team understands the importance of having your business’s items to advertise and promote your company to your customers. We are proud to be your go-to printing company.

Contact us today to learn more about all of our custom commercial printing options, including rack cards, menus, handbooks, business cards, and so much more. 

Whatever your printing needs may be, we have the experience and expertise to bring your business print visions to life. We have built our reputation and success on high-quality products and exceptional customer service, and we are excited to show you exactly why Anchor Graphics is the rare breed in custom printing.


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