Custom Printed Greeting Cards

One of the few things that still get sent through the physical mail (other than bills and advertisements, of course) is greeting cards. Almost everyone enjoys receiving a greeting card, especially for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries or when you feel under the weather and receive a Get Well Soon card. Opening the envelope and finding out that someone was thinking of you and wanted to let you know is a great feeling and tends to put a smile on your face. This feeling is maximized when the card has been customized and shows the person’s personality or business who sent it. Greeting cards, though, tend to have a lack of personalization to them because most people will buy one while at a store. 

Rather than buy a greeting card that could be purchased by a hundred other people and given to anyone, we at Anchor Graphics offer custom printed greeting cards for all of the special occasions and important people in your life. Receiving a greeting card that you know was custom designed and printed makes an individual feel even more significant because they know you were truly thinking of them. Our custom printing experts can help you design and print a greeting card that shows your personality and leaves a lasting impression. We have a variety of customization options for you to choose from, and we can’t wait to help you decide what card is right for you.

Anchor Graphics also has customized options for businesses who want to send greeting cards to their clients for unique occasions. We are happy to add company logos and digital signatures to further customize the cards and let your clients know that they matter even after they have purchased your products or had services completed. Personalized touches such as sending a greeting card will keep your business in your clients’ minds for future product or service needs. They will likely prompt them to recommend your company over a competitor to friends, family, and co-workers who may require your services or products in the future.

Custom Sized Greeting Cards

At Anchor Graphics, we know that people and businesses are different and unique, and they are always looking for ways to stand out or display their personalities. Many like to send greeting cards to the special people in their lives, but they don’t want to send a boring card or similar to every other card. Our custom greeting card experts are happy to offer various customization options for your greeting cards, including custom sizes. Contact us to learn more about all of the size options you have as well as other customizations that can be added to your greeting card design.

How to Design a Standard Greeting Card

Designing a standard greeting card sounds like it may be a bit boring, but at Anchor Graphics, we can help you discover the fun of making a custom design out of that card. You can begin by choosing from a variety of standard verses, inks, and fonts, all at no extra charge to you. You can then add up to three lines of personalization to ensure that no one else will have the same greeting card as you. 

Anchor Graphics is also happy to include additional options such as custom sayings, company logos, and digital signatures for that final touch of personalization. Finally, choose a blank envelope that can be plain white or white with gold, red, or silver foil lining. We can also include a printed return address on the envelopes as well as peel and seal envelopes. Anyone receiving your card will know that they have gotten one out of a small, custom run of cards – now that’s special!

Contact Our Custom Printing Experts

At Anchor Graphics, we are your custom printing experts, and we are excited to help you design and print a custom greeting card for you to send to family, friends, and clients. When someone receives a greeting card in the mail, it is usually a pretty special occasion. With a customized greeting card printed by Anchor Graphics, that occasion becomes even more special. A store-bought card is fine, but nothing says “I’m thinking of you” quite like a customized greeting card. If you are interested in getting custom greeting cards for yourself or your company, contact Anchor Graphics for more information. 

Anchor Graphics has the knowledge and experience in a wide variety of printing materials, and we are happy to discuss any and all of our products with you. We know that customization is key to making a good, long-lasting impression, so it is important to create a greeting card that demonstrates your personality to everyone who sees it. Call us today to learn more about getting your personalized greeting cards!