Creating A Business Card Can Be Valuable In Your Business

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Sharing a business card with your networks and prospective clients means sharing your contact details and investing in your marketing endeavors. Similarly, your business card will also serve as a business tool and as an instrument that advocates for you and your venture.


A business card plays a dual role that goes beyond the simple act of sharing your personal and business details. First, your business card must be able to fuel constructive conversations that later develop into business leads. Second, your business card is probably the only tangible thing that contact will take home following a chance meeting. 


Here is what you need to know on the value of business cards in the entrepreneurial space.


Why Do Business Cards Matter?

Challenges should drive you towards intensifying your marketing campaigns both as an entrepreneur and a professional. 


Here’s why business cards matter:


  • Your business card will create the first impression among your potential consumer segments about you, your brand, and your enterprise in 2021.


  • Your business cards will grant you great value for every cent spent as they are cost-effective in general.


  • They are very effective marketing tools compared to other forms of advertisements in 2021.


  • Well-crafted business cards can be very effective marketing tools as they are rarely discarded. This notes that your business card will still do its work for weeks or months.


  • As opposed to other forms of marketing like emails and online marketing channels, business cards are much more personal. You only need a few seconds to say hi and exchange the card. This creates a more significant impact and a long-lasting business relationship compared to online correspondences.


Your set of business cards can be a great way to get referrals only if they are cleverly, creatively, and well designed.


How To Make Business Cards Look Professional


It is a fantastic idea to have a business card with you. However, the design used to make the business card will play a significant role in determining its ability to accomplish its function. Here’s how to make your business card look professional.


  • Only Include The Essentials – Your business card should pique its recipients’ interests with ease. Be selective about the details you include on the business card if you want it to remain memorable.


  • Make It Eligible – Ensure that the card can be read at a glance by avoiding overly fancy, small, and distorted fonts.


  • Don’t Give Full Coverage – You can put white space to effective use by including content on one side to help your recipients jog their memories with ease.


  • Embrace Unique Finishing Options Carefully – Ensure that the finish you adopt for your business cards is brand-relevant and has a creative touch.


  • Put A Call To Action – Use a call to action that will prompt the reader to act. Remember, the business card is meant to generate leads and remain memorable.


Remember to think about these options before you engage in business card printing. Of course, you would want to think about the business card size, if it will be ultra-thick, and the type of paper it will be. Do you want it to have a rounded corner? 


Do you want to stand out with a custom business card? How about a general square business card? Some even prefer a double-sided professional business card. 


Indeed, double-sided or not, you will want to have a business card that makes sense for your business and overall style.


Your business card and the business card design must reflect your small business and its unique style.


What To Write On Your Business Card

Remember, your business card is your marketing tool. Anything you write on the card matters. 


However, you must be keen not to under/overdo the details you incorporate on the business card.


Here is a list of must-haves when designing your business card:


  • Your business name
  • Business logo
  • The contact details
  • The tagline
  • Your name
  • Business website


What Should Be On A Small Business Card?

A small business card should contain just the right amount of information that will allow you to grab your readers’ attention and help you stand out. 

In addition, the things you put on the business card will determine how vast your network will be.


Here’s what should be on a small business card.

  • Proper Identification – This should include your name and your business, website URL, and a small description of what you do (a designer, photographer, teacher, medical practitioner, etc.)


  • An Icon Elaborates What You Do – The icon you include on the business card should communicate what you do. It would be a great idea to look for a sharp and easy to comprehend picture at a glance.


  • Textured Effects – Always treat your business card as a physical medium. Use textured effects to the fullest to create a long-lasting impression among your viewers.


What Should Not Be On A Business Card?

Your business card must embody everything that your company wishes to communicate to the world. However, you may be in a bit of a rush or overwhelmed with circumstances when you are producing your final business card. 


This explains why you must always deal with a professional when creating your business cards.


Nonetheless, here’s what should not be on your business card:


  • Outdated Information – Make your business card as current as possible. Always treat it as a track-down tool that your customers will use.


  • Unreadable Prints– Nobody wants to struggle with a magnifying glass reading through your business card. Make the details as simple as possible.


  • A Lot Of Visual Clutter – Don’t frustrate your readers with an overly squished business card. Lots of visual clutter on your business card will create a chaotic image of your enterprise.


Should A Business Card Be Double-Sided?

Yes, a business card should be double-sided. However, always treat your business card as a free advertising space that must be used to the fullest. In essence, leaving the backside blank can be equated to having two advert boards then refusing to use one just because the information at your disposal could only fit on a single board.


It is highly recommended that you use the space on your business card to the fullest while engaging in quality and cost. Remember not to place too much information on one side while there’s a whole bare page at the back of the business card. You wouldn’t want your card to look unprofessional, would you?


Final Thoughts

Your business card should come first any time you start ranking your marketing tools. Remember that you will only attract an audience that converts by presenting a professionally designed business card.


Our professionals at Anchor Graphics are here to make sure you have the premium rounded corner business or square business card options you need to advertise. 


Make sure that everyone has your contact information. Whether you are looking to establish a new company or grow your current base of customers, our quality business card printing services are here for you.

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