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We are a leading solutions provider for all things cellular. Let us help you and your company as nothing is out of reach here at Anchor Graphics.

Wireless Cellular Main

Lens Tape

Custom, high quality lens tape for every model of phone - we've got you covered.
LDI Main

LDI/Water Evident Labels

A fast and easy way to detect water intrusion in your device with our 3M patented materials.
IMEI Labels Main

IMEI Labels

We have all OEM quality ESN, IMEI & box labels in a variety of sizes to fit you and your company’s needs.
Gasket Main

Gasket (Screw Covers)

We provide customized gasket solutions, using OEM materials for all of your company's refurbishing needs.
IMEI Printer Main

IMEI Printer & Software Package

Manufacture your own IMEI & Box labels on demand with our new printer/software package.


We produce durable, well designed, cost-effective packaging solutions for the entire wireless industry.